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5 SEO Tips for Law Firms


5 Tips to Rank Higher in Google

  1. Use Third Party Services.?Websites like?, and will often outrank you for general Google search terms like ?Huntsville lawyer.? So instead of trying to compete with them, join them! Make sure your practice is listed on any and all relevant websites and directories of law practices in your area.
  2. Focus on Niche.?You probably generate most of your income from one or two main areas of law. By focusing on these areas of law in your website, (writing more content about them) you may be able to rank higher in Google when people search for those kinds of lawyers. ?
  3. Page Title Change.?Do you know the title of your website? Google your law practice and see what the blue text at the top of the search result says. That?s your website?s title. Does it include words that indicate the types of legal services you provide and your location? If not, simply changing your site?s title can get you to start ranking higher in Google searches.
  4. Name your images.?Any images on your page should have an ?alt-tag??that?s the technical term for a ?name.? Google can?t actually see images so it needs to be told what they are images of. Calling the image ?Huntsville lawyer Jim Smith? could help you. Here’s guidance on how to do it.
  5. Ask for links. Do you work with other firms? Accountants? Schools? The number and the quality of links to your site are the main criteria Google uses when deciding where your site should rank in search results. Make sure to ask other websites to link to your website on their web pages or blog posts.

Google is the New Yellowbook.

People don’t look at billboards or listen to radio ads when looking for a lawyer. They will do a Google search.

This isn’t new news. So what can you do NOW to rank higher?

These five free tips to get your website ranking higher in Google are a great start to driving more traffic to your website. But they are still just a small part of a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy. If you want to see dramatic increases in web traffic, and more importantly, in new business, it?s time to talk to the SEO experts. That?s who we are.?And we would be happy to ?give you a free consultation!

Want to dramatically improve your website traffic? Let’s chat!

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