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Our Client, Legacy Homes, is at the TOP of Google

Using Zellus for SEO, Legacy Homes of Huntsville gets 116% more traffic from Google Searches.

This is pure Google traffic.
It is not ads, it is not people typing the domain, it is not people searching for Legacy itself. 

They are ALWAYS at the top of the page (the first 3 results) for phrases like:
“home builders in huntsville al”
“Huntsville al home builders”
“new subdivisions huntsville al”
“builder huntsville al”

We ONLY do one Home Builder per city.
We want your company to be our ONE client in your area.

In the Birmingham area, Home Builder keywords get searched:

4300 times per month

For example, here are some of the searches that occur each month:

“home builders near me” – 360 times per month
“home builder” – 210 times per month
“new homes for sale / near me” – 120 times per month
“birmingham home builder” – 90 times per month

60% of Google traffic happens in the first 3 results. 

Legacy Homes receives on average thousands of clicks from Google search for builder-related terms. Given the population of Birmingham to Huntsville, you too could see those kind of numbers or even better with the help of Zellus Marketing.

Zellus wants to help you, and ONLY you, be the most highly trafficked home builder in the Birmingham area.

We are deleting this page and stopping our ads once we get a Birmingham builder. We sign a non-compete for Google search.

You will be our ONLY Birmingham home builder.
If it’s not you, someone else will say yes.

Google Traffic is the best traffic.

This is Legacy’s data over the last 4 years. The data is divided into traffic sources.

1) Nearly 50% of their traffic is Google search.
2) Google searchers look at more pages than any other source.
3) Google searchers spend more time on the website than any other source.
4) Google searchers are the least likely to leave the page quickly (bounce rate)
5) Google searchers have some of the highest conversion rates.

Free Website Review


I’m Carl Holden, owner of Zellus Marketing.
Here’s my personal cell number- 256.309.9077
or you can email me at

I’m happy to give you the phone number of the owner of Legacy Homes. He can confirm that he has been our client for 4 years and that Zellus achieved more Google search traffic year over year for Legacy.