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Blog 4 Tips to Succeed at Email Marketing in 2017

4 Tips to Succeed at Email Marketing in 2017

Julia Pegis

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Email marketing is an important way for businesses to create relationships and connections with their consumers. With the world of marketing changing so quickly, adapting to new market realities each year is important. Below are four key tips to help you do better email marketing in 2017.

Keep it Clean!

There is one place all businesses do not want their emails to go, the dreaded spam folder.  Creating emails takes time and effort, especially if they are personalized for their recipients. There are definitely no new customers coming from an email marked as spam. So how do you get subscribers opening your emails and clicking links? 

First, do not buy subscribers! Yes, its so tempting, more subscribers means more sales and activities right? Wrong. The subscribers that are being bought did not opt in to receive emails from your company, they are not guaranteed to be interested in your product and your email may end up going straight to their junk folder! Talk about a waste of time and effort! Emails should only be sent to subscribers who want them and opt in to receiving them.  You don’t want your subscriber list full of people who don’t open or interact with the emails. 

To stop sending unneccessary emails, do an engagement check.  See how many of your emails go unopened or how many people are unsubscribing, if those numbers are unusually high you may want to do a re engagement campaign!  Subscribers must re-opt in to receive emails, this will clean up your list and leave you with a happier group of subscribers.

Keep it Smart!

Companies need a well engaged group of email subscribers that are clicking links and sharing the content. How does a business find these subscribers and target them? The first thing is to promote email sign up on your website.  The subscribers you get directly from your website are likely to be some of the most engaged. 

Another important way to get the most engagement you can from your subscribers is the make the emails sent easy to read and navigate.  Most emails sent to subscribers should feature a CTA or call to action, a link for subscribers to click that brings them directly to the website for a promotion, new product or great deal. The email should be centered around the CTA making it easy for subscribers to find understand and click, this will create the most engagement from your subscribers.

Remember your engaged email subscribers may also be interested in your social media, always put links to your companies social media in your emails!

Keep it Personal

This is probably the most important piece of advice for 2017, interactive emails have been predicted to be the biggest trend for email marketing in 2017. With 68% of adults in America owning a smart phone, emails are being checked on the go more and more.  Keeping emails short and personal will prove to be an effective tactic in 2017. Make sure the emails you send your subscribers are tailored to them.

Look at their previous purchases or the types of emails they typically click on.  Offering a survey on their interests or preferred types of emails is also an effective personalization tactic. Another huge tip is not to have a no reply email address! Or in other words, send from an email you intend to get replies. You want your subscribers to feel free to reach out and ask questions, having an email address they are able to respond to will make the experience much more personal and inviting for your subscribers.  This is also a great way to get input from your subscribers about what you are sending them so you are able to tailor the emails you send based on their feedback.

Keep it Interesting

Keep your emails frequent and interesting, don’t send your subscribers repeats of the same deals week after week. Switch it up! Offer them deals for completing a survey or sharing a link. Keep your subscribers curious about what new deal or product is coming next week.  If something big is launching inform your subscribers something big is coming and let them opt in to be the first to know when it comes out.

Keeping your emails interesting will increase subscriber engagement and decrease your emails’ likelihood to end up in the spam folder. 2017 is a new year and the perfect time to shake it up and re-interest your current subscribers, engage new people and grow your list.

Try using video in your emails if you haven’t been.  This could serve as an interesting way to catch your subscribers’ attention!


So how do you do email marketing better in 2017? Keep it clean, keep it smart, keep it personal and keep it interesting! These strategies will help you stand out and engage your subscribers keeping them and you happy!


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