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Blog Use it or Lose it: 4 Ways to Keep Your Socials Alive

Use it or Lose it: 4 Ways to Keep Your Socials Alive

Riley Wallace Social Media


Most of us have been there at some point: Finding that restaurant, band, or business that seems to be just what we’re looking for, tracking down their social media, and finding a page that hasn’t been updated since 2009.

In a time when dynamic or time-sensitive information about organizations is so often conveyed through social media instead of traditional websites, leaving social platforms by the wayside has never been more of a risk for businesses.

An abandoned page may give consumers the impression that your brick-and-mortar is

closed. Information that has not been updated, even over a short period of time, can mislead and confuse about your actual current offering. Even an old profile picture may cause potential customers to have second thoughts.

While getting started on socials only requires a few clicks, maintaining that presence can be trickier, especially with a smaller team. Here are four ways to use your socials before you lose them.

Create a consistent posting schedule… then stick to it. 

Even a single post at the same time every day can maintain your presence on followers’ feeds and help to convert more leads. The message can be as simple as letting people know what’s going on in your office, sharing a picture of the day’s special or telling your customers to have a great day. Some apps, including Hootsuite, Buffer and TweetDeck, also allow you to queue posts in advance, allowing you to update at the same time every day, even if you’re busy. Treat social media like long-distance customer service.

As you use socials to communicate with customers, it’s likely they will reverse the flow of communication by asking questions, leaving reviews and tagging you in their own posts. This can serve as a great opportunity for you to direct hospitality and appreciation to the people who love your business or someday might. Respond to each interaction as if the follower were speaking to you in person, and do your best to help them understand the offering on their own terms.

Don’t just delete outdated information— replace it immediately.

Whether it’s a change of address, extended seasonal hours, or an addition to the menu, making the most current information available on your social media accounts is key to keeping customers up-to-date. Whenever new information is made available, be prompt about not only making the change on your page, but making a post to let followers know. This will save the time and effort of answering confused phone calls or messages down the road.

Maintain your platforms wisely.

While it may seem like a good idea to jump right in with multiple social media accounts for your business, keeping up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest all at once can be a challenge. Do some research to find out where members of your target audience hang out most, then direct your efforts primarily to that platform. If you feel like you have to reach multiple platforms, try using an app like If This, Then That to automate posts across platforms.

Following these tips will help keep your social media a dynamic place to build an interactive, informed and dynamic online community around your business. Go forth and connect!

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