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Marketing is Changing. Are You?

We Are Marketing Experts.

It’s our business to help you be found online because that’s where your customers are looking. They don’t watch TV commercials. Radio as we know it is dying. Yellowbooks are for boosting children in a seat. If you want customers, you need digital marketing.

Why use Zellus?

If you go to Google and search “Huntsville Marketing” we’re the top search result, and have been for years. We can put this power to work for you, helping you reach more people, grow your sales, and build your business.

Aren’t you ready to start marketing now?

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How We Serve Our Clients

At Zellus Marketing, we have have been consistently successful utilizing multiple marketing avenues to drive customers to our clients.

Depending on your organization’s goals, we’ll tailor an optimized marketing strategy to get you the best results possible for the dollar spent. We have a wide range of services backed by years of experience in each field of marketing. Click an icon below to learn more.

Website Design

Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimization

Video Marketing

Graphic Design

Email Campaigns

Where Did Zellus Begin?

Carl Holden and Craig Stults started Zellus Marketing in Huntsville, Alabama on March 1, 2012. They recognized that small businesses need a modern approach to marketing and can benefit from services like social media management, online ads management, web design, and more. Many of the tactics that small businesses are still using today are outdated, unreliable, and expensive. A modern approach to marketing that leverages the latest technology can broaden a company’s reach farther and quicker than any previous platform. The problem is that small businesses often times don?t have the technical knowledge or the time to allocate to these vital marketing efforts.

That’s where we come in.

Clients & Work

Since our inception, we’ve helped 100+ businesses achieve a wider reach and higher sales by implementing the newest and most effective marketing technologies available today. The marketing requirements for each business has also varied widely, giving us the opportunity to gain experience in virtually every need case and scenario . We pride ourselves on our flexibility and affordability, the perfect mix for businesses trying to survive and thrive in a local market. We have served companies from Columbia, Tennessee to Cullman, Alabama, from Florence to Scottsboro, and all across the Tennessee valley. At Zellus, we believe that customer service and transparency are paramount. Why hire a company if you can’t meet them, reach them or even see them? Our staff is accessible and always happy to answer your questions or hear your ideas. We are the perfect match for your marketing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot that goes into digital marketing. We get a lot of questions and we are happy to answer yours. Below are the questions that we get asked most often. If you can not find an answer to your question or would like to know more about what Zellus can do for you, call (256) 309-9077

Web Design

Having a modern, user-friendly website that is optimized for marketing your business is vital in today’s “always on” world. With potential customers spending hours every day online and using mobile devices, it’s critical to have exposure on these channels, regardless of what kind of business you own. Our Huntsville web design team is here to make sure that you have a website that gives you the highest return on investment.

“How much does it cost to design/redesign my website?”

Website design/redesign costs can range significantly depending upon design features and functionality. However, the National Federation of Independent Business does a good job of explaining the different price ranges of typical business websites.

Website design/development is one of the most difficult things to put a price on without knowing your exact needs and wants. Although the price ranges described above give some insight into the possible costs associated with a new/redesigned website, the only way for us to give you an accurate quote would be to set up a free audit and consultation.

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