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Affordable Streaming Ad Opportunity

Looking for the power of streaming TV reach without spending tens of thousands? Hulu is now allowing localized, short-term advertising through regional partners. Think of the targeted reach of a boosted Facebook post but an ad that cannot be swiped or skipped.

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Zellus is Here to Help

Zellus Marketing of Alabama is a top-rated, Hulu approved agency serving the following Region 7 states territory:

Hulu Advertising

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Fill out the form above to get right to our campaign targeting system. Free of charge, you will get to see:

  • Demographic Targeting Options
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  • Total Cost Estimate

We make it easy with a simple, flat rate fee based on how much you spend on Hulu. It allows us to manage your ad and report its progress for less than 1 penny per view.

The following rates do include a 3- month minimum contract. Contracts shorter than that require an additional setup fee of $200.

Pricing Tiers


$500+ Monthly Hulu Advertising Budget

Monthly Reach of ~15,000 impressions

Monthly Reach Report


$3000+ Monthly Hulu Advertising Budget

Monthly Reach of ~90,000 impressions

Monthly Reach Report


$10,000+ Monthly Advertising Hulu Budget

Monthly Reach of ~300,000 impressions

Monthly Reach Report

Sample Campaigns of Clients

Ad Video Requirements

The above prices are to manage an ad in the Hulu Ad Platform. Clients must have a video as the monthly amount does not include the creation of the ad. Samples above show that Hulu will accept TV quality, motion graphics, and even videos shot from an iPhone. 

Please inquire on our main website if you need marketing help, such as video design, web design, or search engine optimization.

*Zellus Marketing is not an affiliated company of Hulu and does not dictate any terms of service to the streaming platform. Approval and streaming of ads are up to the approval of the Hulu administrative functions.

Prefer to talk to a person? Text or call:

For your information, security, and assurance, we can be verified as a Hulu Ads Manager by contacting Hulu support. We can give you our Hulu ID number and they will verify we are registered. Here is a screenshot of our official profile.