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Hulu Campaign Terms

Hulu Ad Manager Beta Terms

Updated: Aug 2022

Hulu has developed an Ad Manager Beta Program (“Beta Program”) to allow a limited number of business entity advertisers and other users, if selected, to use and provide feedback regarding Hulu’s Ad Manager Tool (the “Ad Manager Tool”), including pre-release versions thereof (the “Beta Product”). The Beta Program is designed to, among other things, assist Hulu in researching, analyzing, and validating the usability of the Beta Product before it is rolled out to the general public (“Purpose”)…



Zellus Service Provider Statement

Updated: Jan 2023

Zellus is an authorized user of the the Hulu Ads Manager Beta program. It in no way is legally associated or liable for the content, performance, or viewers of the Hulu ads. Once the ads are delivered to Hulu, the signature below confirms that the signing party removes all legal liability from Zellus except for the agreed services Zellus provides in a separate service contract and that the signing party agrees to all legal responsibility for the ad they authorize to run. This signed agreement holds Zellus harmless in any legal matters pertaining to the ad brought by Hulu, the signing party or a pursuant third party. 

Hulu Advertising Campaign Terms of Service

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