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What is Digital Marketing?

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, digital marketing is the key to your business being on the map. If you want to attract customers, you need a digital marketing strategy. Any advertisements delivered through electronic channels such as search engines, email campaigns, social media, and mobile apps is considered “digital marketing.” Where you might have once printed brochures or taken out an ad in a newspaper, it is now paramount to supplement your marketing budget and plan with digital marketing strategies that get your business seen online. That’s where everyone seems to spend their time, so that’s where you want to be.

Overall, digital marketing is the same marketing strategies you know and love simply updated to fit a digital format that engages customers and helps them find your business online. The digital format also allows you to gather and analyze data about your customers to help you better advertise to your audience and draw in new customers. Digital marketing is complex, multifaceted, and constantly changing, making it crucial to implement a plan that allows you to build brand identity online while adapting to new trends and cross platform technologies. As a professional digital agency, Zellus can help you navigate the ins and outs of digital marketing while ensuring you are innovative, effective, and visible online.

Digital Services

Digital services build off of and compliment each other. When you do one the right way, the others benefit, making your hard work and investment all the more worth it. Digital services are limitless, but there are several that can take your digital marketing footprint to the next level. 

  1. Website Design

Your business’ website is your first line of defense for allowing customers to find you online, making it your ultimate source of digital marketing. A visually appealing and user-friendly website demonstrates to the potential customer that you are a modern, trustworthy, and respectable business. Your website is your most important first impression.

Zellus specializes in combining visual appeal with functionality in order to create a website experience that converts prospects into loyal customers. A good website design includes  interesting and factual information, engaging content, visually captivating images and videos, correct contact details, and concrete functionality of any purchasing features. Website design takes all the most crucial components of digital marketing and puts them into a unique package that seeks to effectively and strategically represent your business. 

  1. Social Media Management

Social media is one of today’s largest digital marketing platforms. Social media management is one of the many digital marketing strategies that can easily generate leads for your business by distributing engaging content across all major social media platforms.

There might seem like there are too many platforms to keep track of – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – and new ones pop up every day. How do you keep track of what’s relevant? How do you know which one will bring in the most followers who might turn into customers? 

As the premiere Huntsville digital agency, Zellus can answer these questions for you and help you stay up to date on your social media marketing strategies at the same time. With millions of users, social media is one of the most popular and unique advancements of our digital age. Securing a place on this network of platforms will ensure your business is engaged in modern marketing and visible across a widely used online marketplace.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Google and the internet are nearly synonymous. With a few quick keywords, customers have access to an entire world of information and purchasing options at their fingertips. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were the #1 result when a customer searches for what you do? 

What determines what the top hit is? Search Engine Optimization. Ultimately, effective search engine optimization will determine how often you appear in a list of Google results and therefore how many customers you attract through simple internet searches. The #1 result in Google gets 33% of search traffic and 92% of people searching on Google do not look past the first page. If you can’t be #1, you at least need to be on that first page. Being accessible in the results of a Google search will bring people to your website, social media, or other online advertisements, ensuring that your other digital marketing investments are paying off.

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing is the fastest growing form of media on the internet. It also often gets the most attention and reaction on social media because it is tangible and visual. Creating effective, engaging, and even fun marketing videos will increase brand awareness and attract prospective customers. You can post marketing videos across all of your platforms — your website, your social media pages, or your emailed newsletter. In today’s digital world, you can get a video across the country or across the world in a matter of seconds, ensuring your message goes exactly where you want it to go. Video marketing is a type of digital marketing that lets you tell a visually engaging and creative story or ad campaign on your own terms.

  1. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another way to enhance the overall look of your digital marketing. Custom graphics, logos, websites, and other creative collateral will upgrade your digital presence and give your business identifiable branding. Being easily recognizable is one of the most critical components of developing an online presence and digital marketing strategy.

  1. Email Marketing

Emails go straight to your customers inbox, like a letter sent in the mail without the 3-5 business day turnover. As such, email is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your marketing materials into the hands (or rather, eyes) of your current and prospective client base. Constant outreach to your clients ensures that you are a presence in their lives that makes them think of you the next time they need your service. Email marketing lends itself to more digital visibility and accessibility, which will ultimately boost your business. 

  1. Online Advertising

There are a multitude of ways to advertise online, from Google Ads to Instagram and Facebook Ads. Online advertising can increase traffic, contacts, and online purchases. The more visible you are online, the more effective your digital marketing strategy will be. Because ads can be taken out across so many platforms, you can tie your business into the digital landscape by strategically placing ads in a variety of locations that will attract the most customers.


Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing might include ads in newspapers or magazines, a creative television commercial, or a well-placed billboard. In contrast, digital marketing uses digital channels for marketing communication instead of print or other physical marketing materials. While traditional strategies still hold an important role in marketing for businesses, digital marketing can help you reach a wider audience by inserting your business into the lives of people every day through a tool they use almost constantly: the internet. While a customer might only encounter a billboard if they happen to be driving past it, digital marketing can be accessed from anywhere at any time if you simply utilize the tools to make your business versatile, accessible, and visible in the digital sphere.