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Huntsville Marketing Agency

Full- Service Marketing Agency, Specializing in Search Engine Optimization

We drive LOCAL and NATIONAL traffic to clients here and across the U.S.

We Are Huntsville Marketing Experts.

As a top ranked company for marketing keywords since 2012, we understand the power of effective SEO. Our proven strategy will elevate your business to the top of Google for your products or services. 

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Imagine the peace of mind that comes with having customers find you effortlessly. While we offer a range of marketing solutions, including paid ads, web design, and graphic design, we recognize the increasing value of organic Google rankings in the face of rising ad costs. Let us help you harness that value and grow your business.

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Our SEO strategy for each client varies depending on several factors, such as location, industry, search volume, competition, website status, etc. However, we approach every SEO campaign with the same foundations that have successfully gotten several clients outstanding results. These foundations focus on strategic keyword research, optimizing on-page content, acquiring High DA (Domain Authority) backlinks, and providing transparent reporting where we can’t fake the numbers. We strive to communicate a clear roadmap of how our SEO process will take your business to the next level, where you can finally begin to ease off spending so much on paid ads.

Optimized On-Page

We ensure your website is fully up-to-date with Google’s standards and features fresh content that Google prefers.

Keyword Research

Zellus has more experience than almost all other companies in town. We know exactly what your audience is looking for.

Link Campaigns

Most companies will tell you that getting links is a thing of the past. Google it and you will see this is still very important.

Transparent Reporting

SEO is hard and there won’t always be gains. We use third party reporting software so you know we can’t fudge the numbers.


How we serve our clients

At Zellus Marketing, we believe that marketing is converting a consumer into a customer. All of our work is focused on making that happen for our clients in a more efficient regular manner.

Depending on your organization’s goals, we’ll tailor an optimized marketing strategy to get you the best results possible for the dollar spent. We have a wide range of services backed by years of experience in each field of marketing.

We aren’t out to bill you for “frills.” We do work that matters to your bottom line- getting you new customers!


We have been blessed to be a go-to digital marketing agency in Huntsville since 2012. Since our inception, we’ve helped 300+ businesses achieve a wider reach and higher sales by implementing the newest and most effective digital marketing services available today. The marketing requirements for each business has also varied widely, giving us the opportunity to gain experience in virtually every industry. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and affordability, the perfect mix for businesses trying to survive and thrive locally or online. We have served companies from Columbia, Tennessee to Cullman, Alabama, from Florence to Scottsboro, and all across the Tennessee valley.

At Zellus, we believe that customer service and transparency are paramount. Why hire a digital marketing company if you can’t meet them, reach them or even find them? Our staff is accessible and always happy to answer your questions or hear your ideas. We are the perfect match for your marketing solutions whether its web design, content marketing, Google Ads, SEO, etc. We strive to be the best Huntsville marketing agency for you.

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