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Blog Building a Network with Instagram

Building a Network with Instagram

Lizzie Armstrong Social Media

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Building a network is one of the most important parts of business. With a network comes customers, with customers come consumers, and with consumers comes a profit. Sometimes it can be hard to see the best way to start building a network with so many ways to market your company, but with Instagram it’s a fast and easy way to build a base network for your company.

  1. Find your aesthetic

How do you want to present yourself to your customers? What is your company like on other websites? You should try to create a clear and consistent look across everything from your website to your store. Once people can recognize your business, people will begin to talk about your business, helping grow your network. Some good websites and Instagram pages to look at for this are Kortni Jeane Swimmers and Anthropology. Every time I see one of their pictures I automatically know it is theirs before I even look at the name. Your company needs to be this defined.

  1. Build followers

One of the simplest ways to build your followers is to post often. Whether you are a brand new company or a million dollar company, nobody wants to follow a brand they like to see nothing. If you are a brand new company, simply reach out to you customers in whatever way you do normally to tell them you have an Instagram page and to go follow. Another good way to get new followers is to host a give-a-ways where people have to repost the photo. So many people will see this and exposure is key. 

  1. Partner with other Instagramers

Some of my favorite brands I have found through other pages. Post pictures of their stuff and they can post pictures for you, gaining more exposure to people who are probably already looking for a company like yours. This partnership will not only bring you more followers, but also more business in the long run. Plus building relationships with other businesses is always a good idea.

  1. Make everything accessible

If you are marketing items or services on your page, make sure your followers are able to easily follow through with a purchase. A simple link to your website or the address to your store in the bio helps people take one fewer step of searching and one step closer to becoming a consumer of your goods and services. In this day and age, making things quick and easy for the customer is key. Nobody is going to become a new customer if it’s an inconvenience for them.


         Building a Network is very important to growing a company and using every possible way to access your customers only makes it easier to grow.

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