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Web Design in Huntsville AL

We offer fully customized website design services for Huntsville AL and the TN Valley.

We pride ourselves in a client-first approach. We don’t finish your design until you are happy. Our clients’ websites are mobile-friendly, fast, secure, and SEO optimized.

What is mobile friendly??Despite the fact that we are around 20 years into the new Millenium, there are many websites in Huntsville that only look “good” on a desktop. Over 50% of views of your online properties happen away from the desktop- mobile phones, tablets, and smaller notepad laptops.

Mobile friendly is the layman term for responsive design, a set of design standards that allow websites to dynamically adjust to the screen they render on.? Instead of the past of setting specific widths and heights, responsive design works in percentages and limits. If there’s not enough room, content is moved downward and expanded.?

Even in Huntsville, mobile friendly is a must. Google judges your site on how well it performs on all devices. In fact, they now base more of your search results on mobile than desktop.

Why is speed important? Believe it or not, your website loading speed affects your rank in Google. That is now part of their ranking algorithm. Statistics show that there is a 25% chance that people will leave your site if it takes more than 4 seconds to initially load. Many website in Huntsville, especially government contractors, still use flash on their websites. That is old and clunky and not supported by mobile browsers. Other mistakes include choosing poor hosting or uploading large images to the website.

Why should my site be secure? Huntsville is on the radar of the world. We are the hometown of Nick Fury! Our high government influence does make this town a higher-than-average target for hacking. It may blow your mind but we have small business clients receive attacks from China all the time. You must secure your site! This includes installing an SSL to protect data transfers and maintaining firewalls.

Many websites are built on Wordpress. We often find new clients with existing Wordpress websites that have not been updated in years! Wordpress is a great software, but it’s just like Windows in that it needs updates or it is vulnerable. We’ve even found malicious software on sites and the business had no idea.

What is SEO optimized? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the likelihood that Google will choose to rank your website in search results. Most businesses leave it to chance or try to do it themselves. That’s kind of like doing your own legal papers or bandaging a major wound, there’s a lot of risk you might do it wrong! We make sure your site looks good when Google views it. To truly rank higher, however, you need to consider using SEO services.